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Tips for Managing Asthma for Kids Playing Sports

Asthma doesn’t have to prevent your child from playing a sport that he or she loves. It is reported that nearly 8% of Olympic athletes suffer from asthma. While your little one may not be ready to head to the Games, it is positive news that some of the greatest athletes in their sport are managing their asthma and performing at the top of their field.

Don’t let fear of a flare-up stop your child from getting exercise and the team atmosphere that sports foster. In denying them, you are actually hurting them. As we discussed in our previous blog, exercise has actually been proven to help strengthen children’s lung capacity.

Here are a few tips to ensure your child can enjoy sports without worry of an asthma attack.

To avoid flare-ups:
Make sure your child always has time for a careful warm up and cool down.
Breathe through the nose instead of the mouth while exercising.
Skip outdoor workouts when there’s lots of pollen in the air.
Wear a scarf or ski mask when playing outside during the winter when it’s very cold and dry.

Choose the Right Sport:
When it comes to asthma, some sports can be less risky than others.  Athletes in sports that combine a cold climate with intense physical activity such as hockey, snow skiing or ice skating can be particularly prone to asthma attacks. Many child athletes have excelled at baseball/softball, track & field (short-distance events), golf, volleyball, and swimming to name a few.

Be Prepared:
Be sure the coaches are prepared and have the right medicine on hand in the event of an attack. Keep their inhaler handy at all times during play in case of an asthma attack.

Don’t let asthma get in the way of your children’s dreams. If playing sports is what they desire, then asthma doesn’t have to stand in their way. Be sure to visit the juvenile asthma specialists in Somerset County, NJ to discuss your concerns before they begin a new sport.