Dealing With Asthma in the Colder Weather Cont.

girl using an inhaler


In our last blog, we discussed tips on how to prevent asthma attacks in the colder weather. For more quick tips, please read on!

The cold air can trigger asthma attacks so it is important to protect yourself when you go outside.

  • Bundle Up: The best way to protect yourself from potential asthma attacks from the cold air is to cover your body. You should try to cover your mouth and nose with a scarf or a winter face mask. This can also help you fight off any illness such as a cold or flu, other triggers for asthma.
  • Exercise Indoors: Another thing you can consider doing during the colder weather is to exercise indoors. This can limit your exposure to the cold air.
  • Never Stop Taking Your Meds: If you were prescribed long-term medication for asthma control, the worse thing is to stop taking it because you no longer feel the symptoms. If you really want to stop taking the medication, please ask your allergy specialist in Clinton, NJ, and nearby areas at our treatment center. They will advise you on how to proceed with your treatment to ensure you get the proper care you need.
  • Breathe Through Your Nose: Another great way to prevent the cold air from irritating your lungs is to breathe through your nose. The passages in your nose warm up the air and make it easier for you to breathe. You can also use the previously mentioned tip to wear a scarf, muffler, or ski mask over your nose and mouth.


While all these tips will help you with your asthma, the best way to deal with your asthma during the winter and for any season, is to have an action plan. Our asthma specialist in Flemington, NJ, and surrounding areas can assist you in laying out the best course of action for you in the long-term. You should know when to call a doctor or when to go to the ER.


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