Allergy Pills or Nasal Spray: Which Works Better

A common question for allergy treatment is whether allergy pills or nasal sprays work better and with the wide variety of options, it can be overwhelming to pick one. For more information on which one is better, please read on!

Both the pills and nasal sprays work to relieve the symptoms of allergies but a lot of people do not feel comfortable putting medication in their noses. However, a lot of studies indicate that nasal sprays are more effective, especially with reducing any stuffiness or congestion. The reason is because a lot of allergy pills do not help with nasal congestion. Any pills that do have a decongestion usually contain pseudoephedrine, which can be bad for anyone with high blood pressure or heart disease.

The steroids in a nasal spray work to decrease any inflammation in the nose. One con to using nasal sprays is that they need to be used daily. A lot of them do not work until a week after using them so this is another factor that people need to consider. If you choose to use nasal sprays, you may need to start taking it a couple weeks before your symptoms start. One side effect that might occur when using nasal sprays are occasional nose bleeds.

The choice between nasal sprays and allergy pills are usually based on personal preference and health needs. Before trying any kind of medication, it’s important to consult one of our certified asthma and allergy specialists in Hunterdon County, NJ, and nearby towns.

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